The Sqedunk Fan Club and Louisville Towing Services

Mothers Against Overeating

At the Sqedunk Fan Club, we greatly admire the fortitude of all mothers trying to feed their children a fully nutritious diet.

This is why our consortium, which largely consists of young mothers but also a few fathers, has come up with a way to create meal plans we can share together for our children.

In home kitchens all about the Louisville region, mothers have industrialized their activities and are preparing nutritious meals in quantity and then sharing those delightful dishes with other members of the Squedunk Fan Club.

As a result, they actually work less in the kitchen. They in turn receive additional meal elements they didn’t have to personally prepare, and all the children receive a wonderfully healthy and balanced diet.

If you read on, you will learn why we needed Louisville Towing Services.

The Linchpin Of Our Operation

The Sqedunk Fan Club has a 2015 Chevy Sonic which serves as our delivery vehicle. It is a very economical car getting thirty-seven miles per gallon!

The back seats fold down on this four door car which make a very large area accessible from both the back doors and the via the trunk opening for storing the large containers which then contain smaller containers with the food to be distributed among our members.

We rotate the driving assignments among our members in such a way that they each work about once every two weeks picking up and distributing the prepared foods. Any deviation in the delivery schedule can make for a mini-disaster for all members.

This is why an unexpected blow-out on the front tires of the vehicle during the distribution run created a first-class emergency. To be perfectly honest, we don’t even know if the car has a spare tire or where it might be hidden.

We did have an intelligent member Google Louisville towing services and that’s how we found Towing Service Near Me Louisville ( who came to our rescue.

Barely a Hiccup in our Schedule

Here we were, stuck off Route 264 in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, and within mere moments the dispatcher from Towing Service Near Me Louisville had a wrecker on scene to help us.

The tow truck operator took one look at our sad tire and immediately noticed something odd about the tire stem.

It would seem that one of our dutiful drivers had brushed against a curb somewhere that somehow mangled the protective cap over the valve stem in just the right way to cause air to leak out.

He was able to remove the mangled cap, and found the integrity of the stem to be good. Using a tank of compressed air from his tow truck, he re-inflated the tire in short order.

When we had Googled Louisville Towing Services, we couldn’t have anticipated finding such a good company like Towing Service Near Me Louisville right off the bat. We were lucky and our delivery schedule was put back by less than an hour.

Folks, in Louisville, getting a problem fixed that quickly is nothing short of a miracle.

How Did It All Turn Out?

Our company car receives an insurance discount because we constantly record and periodically download video from a dashcam looking forward and mounted on the rearview mirror of the car.

Because the driver from Towing Service Near Me Louisville told us that the damage to this valve stem cap which caused the problem couldn’t have been long in the making, a day or two at most, we didn’t have to review too much footage before we found the actual incident where the damage took place that caused the problem.

Yes, one of the mothers had misjudged a turn and rather violently rubbed against a curb which rather violently shook the vehicle and was recorded by our dashcam.

She has subsequently been banished from driving duties and left with only canning responsibilities in the kitchen.

About The Sqedunk Fan Club

Formed in 2003 by caring mothers, the Sqedunk Fan Club, whose energizing slogan is “It’s Hip To Be Fit,” exists for the betterment of their children. They constantly seek the latest and greatest practices to provide them with the exercise and nutrition they require for optimal development. Because much of the processed foods today contain potentially bad things like preservatives, dyes, hormones, etc. and often have little nutritional value, the mothers decided they could do better. They came up with their own cookbook of favorite meals that they could periodically recycle and when made in institutional quantities, could be distributed among their consortium of members. Each mother was assigned a recipe of their choice and tasked to make their special dishes once or twice a month. Following established guidelines for good sanitary and preserving practices, the Sqedunk Fan Club members have enjoyed wonderful, nutritious meals in great variety and forged a great community esprit d’ corps.